3 Surprising Reasons Your Addiction To Outrage Is Ruining Your Life

LaRae Quy
6 min readAug 3, 2023

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, where I spent more time with animals than other people. I love animals, even the smelly ones with a bad temper that fling snot and stomp the ground.

When I moved into an urban area, I had to leave them behind, but I kept fond memories of them close to my heart. I read about a local animal rights group and decided to attend one of their meetings.

Instead of learning how to care for abandoned or abused animals, I spent a miserable hour listening to why we should all be outraged that animals are either slaughtered for meat or used in laboratories for experiments. The speaker’s outrage squeezed out any opportunity to discuss constructive ways to help animals in need.

I never attended another meeting. Instead, I found a horse rescue that needed volunteers to help tend to abandoned horses.

Outrage Is Everywhere

One of the most popular headlines these days is: “Where is your outrage at — ?”

Fill in the blanks to suit the topic of the moment. Whether it’s social issues, political affiliation, or some injustice that has yet to be discovered, we are told we should be outraged at the lack of understanding in other people.

Outrage is everywhere. College campuses offer “safe spaces” so students don’t have to listen to someone with an opposing point of view. A micro-aggression can trigger a meltdown, and an incorrect word can lead to snits and screaming threats.

In the old days, we called these tantrums.

The real problem is that people have become less tolerant of those with opposing opinions. Our difference in beliefs hasn’t changed over the years; it’s how we feel about the people with whom we disagree.

Here are 4 surprising reasons your addiction to outrage is ruining your life:

1. Rage And Media

We can tell others that we disapprove of how talking heads on cable TV say offensive things, but data from audiences tell another story. We actually find these types of political commentary to be quite compelling. Media outlets have created an outrage industry that continues to expand, and the same…



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