Here Are 4 Egotistical Behaviors Avoided By A Successful Leader

LaRae Quy
7 min readJun 7, 2023

Examples of poor leadership skills surround us. All too common, we see selfish, opinionated, greedy, and deceitful people move into the upper echelons of leadership. Politics might be the first area that pops into the minds of many of us, but we can find the same harmful attitude in business, community affairs, and health and education.

Poor leadership mentality sounds like this: “I know I’m right, and as long as I feel I have the moral high road, I have no hesitation in shoving my opinions (and behavior) down the throat of others.”

Besides a lack of empathy and an exaggerated sense of importance, egotistical people don’t know how to get out of their own way because they’ve never thought about anyone but themselves and their enlightened attitude about how the world works.

Yep, they are a sharp pain; and they take care to pass it along to others.

The leadership skills necessary for success have changed as the world becomes more connected, transparent, and diverse. A Deloitte report examined the needs of the future workplace and found that companies feel more stress because they are under increased scrutiny from both the public and their stakeholders.

This attitude spells disaster for the egotist because they believe they’re somehow better and more important than anyone else. But, unlike narcissists, they don’t have a constant need for admiration; after all, they already know they’re superior!

We all know egotistical leaders who have been very successful, but the real question is this: Can their success be sustained with the changes in today’s work environment?

Here are 4 things successful leaders do to avoid egotistical behavior:

1. Refuse To Consider Themselves Better Than Others

As a senior FBI agent, I had been around the block a few times and learned much from my failures and successes. I had always conducted a post-mortem on what went right or wrong in my investigations. But, over time, my successes started to overshadow my failures, and I became over-confident in my abilities.



LaRae Quy

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