How Wellbeing Can Help People Get Through Hard Times

LaRae Quy
7 min readMar 7, 2022

My first job out of college sucked the soul out of me. My degree turned out to be more of a coupon with an expiration date than a ticket to a fulfilled life. I didn’t prosper on any level, and it began to affect my mental health. I had thoughts of suicide because if this was as good as it got, I didn’t need to suffer through the pain of living a crappy life.

After all, when an animal was in pain or suffering on our Wyoming ranch, my dad brought out his Remington 30.06 rifle and put the miserable beast out of its misery. So, likewise, I needed someone to put me out of my misery; it took a while to realize that the “someone” would need to be me.

I had a few hard years. It took a while for me to get my shit together enough to move on to another career, one that would provide a sense of meaning and purpose. In other words, a life trajectory that led to a sense of wellbeing.

I’m not the only one who seeks wellbeing in their current circumstances. The Covid pandemic has shaken us to our roots and left us questioning how/if we can ever regain our balance. Those who work in the medical profession feel an acute threat to their wellbeing as yet another Covid surge is just one more burden on top of an already untenable situation.

Business owners, first responders, teachers, and students also struggle to navigate their footing during these hard times. We’re all in the same bucket, some more than others, but no one has been left unscathed by the pandemic.

Wellbeing allows us to seek out the positive qualities of our life’s experiences. It’s more than brief periods of happiness. It’s the broader notion of personal fulfillment. It also means that we are willing to suck up temporary deprivation or frustration to help us work toward inner satisfaction. We may need to forfeit our obsession with feel-good moments and stop complaining long enough to gain perspective on how we go about finding joy and contentment in the long run.

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Let’s take a closer look at how wellbeing can help people get through hard times:

1. Allows Us to Cope When Feeling Overwhelmed



LaRae Quy

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