Reasons Why We Need To Break Out Of Comfort Zones And Easy Choices

LaRae Quy
4 min readJun 21, 2023

As an FBI agent, one of the first things I learned was that the real threat to my existence didn’t dwell in dark and dangerous places. Instead, it was complacency that could lead to my extinction.

There are all sorts of ways to die. Sometimes it’s our bodies, but just as often, it’s our dreams and aspirations in life. We find a comfort zone that doesn’t ask too much of us, and in return for our complacency, it parks us in a safe place. Until, of course, we realize that this safe place also keeps us locked behind the bars of predictability and the slow, inexorable death of compromise and resignation.

I’d like to share an excerpt from Frank Sonnenberg’s new book, Leadership by Example: Be a role model who inspires greatness in others. The author exhorts us to think about a well-lived life that breaks out of comfort zones and easy choices. (Reprinted with permission):

“Staying in your comfort zone is easy. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to learn, and you know exactly what to expect. In fact, you can almost live on automatic pilot. Right? The problem is that if you remained in your comfort zone your whole life, you’d still be crawling like a baby. That said, you grow most when you face the unknown, tackle new challenges, and are confronted by adversity. During those times, you’re put to the test and your moral character is shaped. Do you take the path of least resistance or rise to the occasion and embrace new horizons?

Every time you face adversity, you grow stronger; every time you fail, you gain humility; and every time you lose, it makes you more resilient. But knowing that’s true doesn’t make those experiences any easier to swallow.

Sacrifice today and win tomorrow.

Will You Choose What’s Right?

Every time you make a choice, there’s a corresponding tradeoff. Are you willing to sacrifice today to ensure a better tomorrow?

Choices are easy. The hard part is living with them.

You face decisions every day. Here are 25 choices that define you as a person. Which path will you take? Do you:

  • Do what’s right or make exceptions when it’s convenient?



LaRae Quy

Former counterintelligence FBI agent | Mental Toughness Center | Consultant | Speaker | Author: Secrets of A Strong Mind, & Mental Toughness for Women Leaders